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Studio Information & Policies

At the time we complete your child's registration we will give you the student/parent handbook which contains all our policies and valuable information to help you through the dance season.  Here are a few items form the handbook you may find helpful while searching for your child's dance school. These policies are for our studio and may be different from other dance studios you have contacted.  

Tuition Rates are not listed on our web site.  Please contact us for rates via email or phone. 

Class Placements

All students aged 2.5  to 8 will be placed in age appropriate classes. For new dancers ages 9 and older wishing to join our program, a class placement "audition" may be necessary. All returning students are evaluated annually for class placement.

For our students who reach an intermediate level, we offer many other educational and performance opportunities in addition to their regular classes including:

  • Attending workshops
  • Master classes with guest instructors
  • Additional routines in our annual performance
  • Audition opportunities to perform with our ballet company
  • And much more...

Our advanced students may also be selected for:

  • Our award-winning competitive dance team
  • Master workshops
    • Assistants for classes
    • Rehearsal coaches
    • Elite programs offered by national dance organizations


Tuition is paid either in full at time of registration or paid in 5 installments during the season.  Payments are due at time of registration then again the first week of October, December, February and April.  Please contact us for more details on rates.  Tuition is non-refundable once a student is registered.  As of October 1st, students are responsible for the full annual tuition cost even if a students drops out of our program before the end of the season.  Deductions on tuition are not allowed at any time for any reason.

Costume Fees

Each enrolled student will perform in our annual recital in May.  Professionally made costumes are used for this performance.  Students are responsible for the cost of each costume.  Students will need a costume for each class they are enrolled in.  Costume rates are available upon request and may change at any time due to the nature of the business.  Costume become property of the student once paid for.  Students will be billed for all costumes needed as well as tights and accessories needed for each dance.  Costume fees are broken into 3 payments.  Costumes for shows are different from the regular dress code dancers must follow for classes.  See dress code below. There are no refunds given on costume deposits or full balances.  The studio must order costumes well in advance ( months) before our show date and before balances are paid in full.  Students are responsible for full costume balances even if they are to drop out of the program before the recital.   ** any dancer chosen for a Braintree Ballet Company performance will receive special information on costume fee commitments prior to accepting a role. 

Class Cancellations and Missed Classes

We typically do not cancel classes for reasons other than severe weather. However, in any event that a class is cancelled by a particular teacher and a substitute is not available, we will schedule a makeup class that will be available to the dancers. For bad weather cancellations, we are not responsible for makeup classes as the weather is beyond our control.

(All makeup classes may be taken when offered. Additional makeup classes will not be scheduled for those who cannot attend on the date offered.)

If your religious beliefs require you to miss a class that we have not cancelled for holiday observation, please know we respect this. Also for private school children, we honor your school vacation week if different from public schools and will not consider it an absence for regular classes. This statement does not apply to any extra or additional special classes or rehearsals where attendance is mandatory for all.

Dress Code

In order to be sure all dancers are properly dressed for class we have a specific dress code. Each class has specific items they need and we sell all the dance wear and shoes at the studio. This makes it more convenient for the parents and for us, gives us peace of mind that our students are wearing proper footwear and clothing. Once you register for our program you will receive more information on our dress code policy. For your convenience, we offer a dance boutique at the studio where we sell all our dress code items.  This way we can be sure our dancers are getting the proper items as well as proper fittings for shoes for class.  We will schedule fitting days before our season begins in September but we are always available all season long to size a student for items needed. 

Class Observation

In order to ensure that classes run smooth without interruptions we do not allow parents to view weekly classes. Annually we host Observation Week for all our classes (this does not include any rehearsals for special performances and/or special classes or workshops). Parents are invited to observation week to become aware of what goes on in the dance classroom and see their child's progress and how hard they work. At the time of registration, you will receive a packet of information and it will include more information on Observation Week as well as the dates for each class.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 781-380-8856.

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