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Melissa Kelley's Dance Studio of Braintree offers classes in Pre-Ballet, Classical Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Boys-Only Hip-Hop, and more.

For all students age 6 and up, enrollment in classical ballet is mandatory to join the traditional programs at our school however for those boys looking for just hip hop classes, ballet is not mandatory.

All of our programs are designed with the dance student in mind. Our classes are not offered to teachers, studio owners, or other choreographers.

Class placement is at the discretion of the director, not the parent. All new students age 9 and up must audition to see if class placement is available.

Tuition for all our programs is based on a full dance season.  Please see the "studio information" page for more on tuition.

Tiny TotsAges 2.5-3.5

A wonderful introductory class for young dancers just starting out in the structured classroom.  This program will use the very basics of ballet mixed with fun creative movement lesson plans to engage the children in rhythm, musicality and movement as well as introduce them to the dance classroom setting and give them a fun but educational foundation to start dance.  This is a perfect program to begin with to prepare for pre-ballet

Pre-Ballet: Ages 4- 5.5

A special class designed to introduce children to dance through the love of music and movement. Dance terminology is presented during these early stages of muscle development, flexibility, strength, and coordination while combining dance steps to classical ballet music to help create a beautiful young dancer while also teaching the basics of a classical ballet class.

Classical Ballet: Ages 6 and up

Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. After sufficient study of ballet, proper technique, and a strong body, a dancer may advance to Pointe work.

Classical Ballet is a mandatory class at our school because we feel it is the backbone of all other dance forms. Once enrolled in classical ballet, and mastering discipline and technique, a student may also explore the other styles of dance we offer by enrolling in other classes offered to their age/level.

Since beginner classes are only offered at younger ages, some dancers wishing to join our school may be required to take a placement class and/or audition to see if our program is best suited for their individual dance needs.

Pointe: Offered to students who have reached an advanced level of classical ballet. New students already on Pointe must be evaluated for correct level placement.

Pointe classes are offered to qualifying students in addition to their regular classical ballet class. It is important to continue improvement in technique and strengthening skills in ballet class to ensure a strong and well-trained Pointe dancer. Pointe students are evaluated every dance season for proper level placement.

Pointe work is only offered to students who have been evaluated by the director/instructor and found to be ready for the challenges and intensity of this form of dance. It takes more than just a few years of classical ballet study to dance on Pointe.

Pointe students should plan to continue to take classes through the summer, if possible. Pointe students who take the summer off and have been off the Pointe shoes and out of a structured classroom environment should expect a delay in their progress starting in September since it will take some time to rebuild some of the lost strength.

Tap: Ages 6 and up

This, the most rhythmic of the dance forms, is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body, and develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and expression. Tap is an excellent expression of the joy of dance and a wonderful way to improve rhythmic skills and coordination. Our tap classes provide dancers explore all the different styles, from traditional and classics to the new and hip styles of tap.

Jazz: Age 7 and up

Jazz has borrowed from all other dance forms to develop and create a technique all its own. Jazz has the widest variety of musical accompaniment, from the classics to the sounds of today. Lyrical Jazz is also combined into intermediate/advanced jazz classes in order to allow students the chance to experience this popular type of jazz dance.

Jazz is an excellent class to add to your ballet studies if you’re looking for additional stretching and strengthening workouts. Jazz pushes the body and expects nothing but energy and control. Our jazz program offers a variety of styles of jazz to the dancer, including Lyrical, Modern, Classical, Musical Theatre, and more.

Hip-Hop: Ages and classes may vary

Hip-Hop is currently a very popular style of dance. Not considered classical in any way, it is, however, its own ever-changing form of art. Known as a culture in itself, correctly taught hip-hop must be taught by instructors who are trained to teach, who understand the body, and is able to uphold the essence of hip-hop dance, including how it has influenced the community, the world of dance, and lives of so many.

DSOB waited until we could offer a class taught by some of Boston's best! Our program will include full education of hip-hop dance, its roots, and its constantly changing format. Hip-hop is the "commercial dance" of today. DSOB is thrilled to offer these classes to help enhance the dance experience for our well-trained, focused dancers and to also give the youth of the studio some insight to a form of dance that is exciting and current.

We are well aware of some of the more mature sides of the hip-hop dance world, however, and our teachers will use age-appropriate music as well as non-offensive choreography, keeping in mind that our students are still children.

A special boys-only class is available and it does not require enrollment in ballet classes. Contact us for more details.

Contemporary: Ages 7 and up

Originally a form of dance borrowing from classical, modern and jazz dance styles, contemporary dance has grown into a popular dance form of its own.  Challenging dancers with unpredictable rhythm changes, various direction changes and demanding emotion has helped the most technical dancers grow into artists.  Due to the nature of the elements of contemporary dance, we offer it beginning at age 9 with a minimum of 2 years of classical ballet training. 

Lyrical, Modern, Pas De Deux, Folklore (Cultural), and Musical Theatre: Intermediate and advanced levels only

These classes are either combined during the year at various times with the ballet and jazz classes, or hosted as workshop and master classes to offer students a chance to experience other forms of dance most likely offered in college programs. These styles also help the dancers explore movement in ways that help advance more classical styles.

Master Classes: Selected students

Ms. Melissa, the director, brings in professional performers from the best stages in the U.S. to influence, motivate, and inspire her students. Master classes have been and will continue to be offered by some of the biggest names in the dance industry. Melissa selects these teachers carefully so her students will learn from true artists and classically trained professionals.

Just to name a few who have led Master Classes:

  • Dion Wilson, former principal dancer with Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Philadanco, and toured with Broadway's Lion King
  • Brittany Marcin Maschmeyer, numerous Broadway credits and six-year Radio City Rockette, and has danced in many Broadway shows!.
  • John Selya, former American Ballet Theatre Dancer and multiple Broadway credits, now principal dancer with Twyla Tharp Dance.
  • Robert Hartwell who is taking Broadway by storm is a favorite at DSOB!  And so many more amazingly talented people.

Students are also invited to attend workshops outside of the studio that are held by two of the dance organizations Melissa is a member of. These convention-style workshops are fun and informative for the dancers, and give them just one more opportunity to meet and be educated by some of the most qualified professionals in the business.

The Braintree Ballet Company 

The Braintree Ballet Company was formed in 1994 by Melissa Kelley. The objective was to give serious dance students of Ms. Kelley's dance school, The Dance Studio of Braintree, an opportunity to see another side of ballet dance education by performing full-length ballets.

With her company, Ms. Kelley has presented many of the most loved classics, as well as some company originals, to the public audience. Ballets include The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Coppelia, Giselle, An Evening with Degas, A Gala, among others. 

Auditions are offered to qualifying students each year for our annual Nutcracker Ballet. The company performs additional ballets at various times through the year; students are invited to audition to perform with the company when roles are available. 

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